Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tutorial: Fabric Covered Magnetic Memo Board


Supplies Needed:

·        12”x18” Zinc-Plated Metal Sheet (available at hardware stores)
·        Fabric (at least 16”x22”)
·        Ribbon (about ½ yard)
·        Glue gun
·        Glue sticks
·        Hammer
·        Large Nail
·        Iron
·        Ruler (optional)
·        Tape (optional)


1.      Iron fabric to smooth any wrinkles.
2.      Lay fabric face down.
3.      Position metal sheet in the middle of the fabric.
4.      Start with any side and fold the fabric until it meets the metal sheet and iron a crease along the fold.
5.      Run a bead of glue on the metal sheet on the same side with the folded fabric.
6.      Fold the fabric onto the line of glue and press firmly (be careful not to burn yourself).
7.      When the glue is set (or cool), repeat steps 4 through 6 for the opposite side of the metal sheet (be sure the pull the fabric taut).
8.      Repeat steps 4 through 7 for the remaining two sides but when you fold these sides fold the corners in like a package for a finished, mitered corner look.
9.      Next, you will attach the ribbon which will be used to hang the board.  Measure about 2” down from the top of the board and measure about 4” from each of the sides and hammer the nail through the board to create holes for the ribbon.  Be sure to hammer the nail from the front of the board and out the back of the board.  Once the nail has created a hole, turn and press the nail to enlarge and smooth out the hole.  Remove the nail.
10.   Thread one end of the ribbon through one of the nail holes and tie a knot in the ribbon (the knot should be on the back side of the board).  When threading the ribbon through the hole, insert the ribbon in the front of the board and pull the ribbon out the back side of the board.  If you have difficultly threading the ribbon through the hole, wrap the end of the ribbon in tape like a shoelace.
11.   Repeat step 10 with the other end of the ribbon and the other nail hole.  Your magnetic memo board is now ready for wall hanging!

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