Thursday, March 13, 2014

11 Budget Friendly Organization Ideas

1. Ikea Expedit for Toy Storage.  I covered a piece of foam core board in a cute chevron fabric and attached it to the back of the Expedit unit with screws to add a pop of color and to prevent toys from falling behind the shelves.  Then I made these matching labels using this free printable and attached them to the fabric bins with metal snaps and the plastic bins with stick on Velcro/ribbons.

2. Ikea Ribba picture ledges for children's book storage.  Books are on display, not hidden, making them more accessible to little hands.

3. DIY fabric storage bins for changing table.  I used this fantastic tutorial to make the storage bins on the changing table.  I winged the fabric inserts for the wire baskets on the wall.

4. DIY magazine files for mail sorting.  I used mod podge to cover these Ikea Flyt magazine files and I added these cute chalkboard labels that I made using this free printable

5. Store wrapping paper rolls within the brackets of existing wire shelves.  Most of us already have these hanging in closets/laundry rooms so this storage solution is completely FREE!

For dual purpose storage, hang spray cleaners from existing wire shelves. 

6. DIY fabric wall pockets.  I made these wall pockets with some leftover fabric to hold paper items in my craft cabinet.  Tutorial coming soon!

7. Store DVDs in baskets and label each basket with genre.

8. DIY Duplo table from Ikea Lack Table.  My friend gave me this great idea.  I just glued a Duplo base to the top of the Ikea Lack table and then added drawer slides from Lowes and an Ikea Trofast bin as a drawer to store the Duplos.  Total cost under $30! 

9. Shoe bags to store cleaning and personal care products.  These handy shoe bags are on the backs of all my closets doors and only one of them is actually used for shoes.  I store cleaning products, baby products, personal care items, and kids' are supplies in them.  
 10. Hang an outdoor wall planter beside the shower to hold washcloths.  I picked this one up at a local consignment store for under $10 and painted it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  It's so convenient to have the washcloths right beside the shower.
 11. DIY closet divider labels.  I mod podged cute patterned scrapbook papers to flat balsam wood ornaments to create these labels.  I cut the numbers out using my Cricut machine and attached them using mod podge.


  1. Hi there! Is there any way you could post a link to the slider rails you used on the Lego Lack table!? I would love to do the same thing to ours! Brilliant idea! Thanks!

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for your comment! Here's a link to the drawer slides:

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  3. Do you have instructions for the magazine files and what material you used to cover them?

    1. I don't have a tutorial but I found a great one on pinterest:

  4. Replies
    1. I used scraps of fabric that I had left over from other projects. I would say you need about 1/3 yard per file.