Monday, May 11, 2015

Kitchen Remodel

As promised, I'm back with some more before and after pics from our recent remodeling.  Today, we'll visit our kitchen.  This was definitely the room that needed the most work when we bought our house.  It used to be the eye sore and now it's my favorite room in the house! This is our kitchen now.

We replaced the laminate countertops with Arabesco granite.  I love the gray tones of marble but I knew marble just wouldn't be practical for a family with two children under four and two clumsy adults who love red wine.  So, we went with this Arabesco granite and I LOVE it!  The gray tones are perfect.  We also replaced our backsplash with a classic white subway tile and used gray grout for some extra dimension.  We replaced the appliances with new stainless appliances and we switched out the old fluorescent light fixture for a classic schoolhouse light.  Finally, we replaced the old super-textured, very beige tile floors for new slate style ceramic tile floors.  Now, for the before and after pics!


  1. That is a wonderful renovation! It is such a labor of love to overhaul a room that way. My wife and I recently remodeled our kitchen. We ended up hiring a contractor because it was a huge project. I'm so glad we did! My wife and I are so happy with the end result. Hope you are enjoying your new space!

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