Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quick Door Transformation

I have been swooning over black doors for several months and I finally got around to painting the interior of my front door this week.  After much Pinterest research, I decided to go with Benjamin Moore's Mopboard Black in semi-gloss.  It did not disappoint! To my surprise, it only took two coats to transform my front door from blah and boring to bold and eye-catching.  I love the contrast of the black door against the white trim.  It really pops.

I bought one quart of paint for $25 for this project but I only used a fraction of the paint so this is a very inexpensive project.  I've seen many tutorials about the proper way to paint a door.  I kept it pretty simple.  I used a brush for the whole door.  I just made sure to paint with the grain of the wood.  It turned out great.  I don't see brush strokes and I didn't have to worry with the splatter of a roller.

This project was so easy and cheap that I may be tempted to paint all the doors in my house!  Before I get carried away, next on the to-do list is to accessorize and add color to my foyer.  I hope to provide an update on that soon!  In the meantime, here are a couple of decor items I've added to the foyer.

We switched out the very modern foyer light for this more traditional fixture we found at Home Depot.  The original fixture wasn't our style.  I love the slightly nautical look of the new light.  It works well with the large metal compass we found at a local antique/thrift shop, Class and Trash.

When we first looked at our house the foyer was one of the rooms that almost scared us away.  It was painted with a marble block faux finish.  Our painters had to mud and sand it twice prior to repainting it.  I'm normally a DIY-er through and through but all that mudding and the vaulted ceiling were out of my league.  Here's another before and after to show the complete transformation since we bought the house.

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  1. I like the new color of the door; it makes the room look really nice and appealing. I think you painted the door very well. I like the high ceiling in your house. I always wanted my foyer to have a high ceiling. Great choice of light fixture, it brings out the room even more than the previous light!